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Turtle village

SOPTOM created Turtle Village to protect the turtles in Mangily-Ifaty. They collect the turtles seized, treat them, maintain them in good conditions in the enclosures of the Village.

Isalo National Park

Isalo National Terrestrial Park is a unique ecological representation of Madagascar: a ruiniform massif of continental sandstone dating from the Jurassic with its typical geomorphology and endemic rupicolous vegetation and the specific fauna exceptional habitat.

Tsimanapesotse National Park

Terrestrial National Park has a biodiversity with remarkable endemicity around 75%. High and low xerophilous thicket with mixed forest and littoral forest. Important wintering place for aquatic birds such as flamingos. Change of color of the lake in the morning due to the presence of sulphate of lime and white clay.

Whale watching

From July to September, humpback whales come back from the southern seas to mate and calve on the southwest coasts of Madagascar. The Whale watching tours are organised by Eric from Longo Vezo.

Catamaran excursion

A catamaran will pick you up from the beach of Villa Claire. It will bring you to the beautiful Nosy-Ve, Anakao, Salary Bay. The catamaran can take up to 6 people and a barbecue will be served during the sailing trip.

Deep Sea Fishing

Our contact M. Daniel GM of Hôtel Paradisier brings you behind the coral reef for deep sea fishing. His twin engine boat will be the best to get maximum big fish for your next barbecue in Villa Claire


Private reserve located near the sea, in the Baobabs forest. The reserve covers an area of ​​60 hectares. This zone presents an exceptional floristic and faunistic richness with more than 1000 endemic vegetal species with xerophytic adaptations (with dry climate) remarkable, many endemic birds.

Zombitse National Park Vohibasia

The Zombitse Vohibasia complex is renowned for its wealth of rare bird species, endemic to Madagascar and the area. The Park is part of the endemic bird zone No. 093 after World Bank 1992. It also includes 08 species of lemurs, some of which are almost endangered, such as the case of Phaner furcifer pallescens.


is a small fishing village located 200km North of Tulear. It is located in the Morombe District of the Southwest Region, 45 km south of the town of Morombe. The biggest Baobabs of Madagascar are visible in this area. It takes 7 hours to get there by 4×4. You can also use our Cessna 206 six seater to get there within 40 minutes flight.

Legend: The Baobab trees were the biggest and strongest and so they began to kill the little trees around them. When god saw this he get angry and took the Baobabs and put them with the wrong side in the earth. That’s why they look like with the roots on the top.

Arboretum Antsokay

The Antsokay arboretum is a botanic garden with a collection of over 900 plant species from the southwest of Madagascar. Only 3km from Villa Claire and worth a visit while staying here. 

Kitesurf lessons

The thrill of letting the wind bringing you everywhere. The lessons are off the beach of Saint Augustin or La Batteries and will be done by Fred from Mada Surf Aventure or Yannick Filliu from Hôtel de la Plage.


See the underwater world from Madagascar. Diving starts from Anakao or Ambolimailaka and is organised by Eric from Longo Vezo.

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